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Family dogs, in our community, have a lot of requirements -- to be good in the house,  play nicely with kids, play well with dogs, not bark too much, walk nicely on a leash--just to name a few! Most of these qualities are really learned skills. 


AdobeDogs teaches you to use positive training (and food) to help your dog learn basic manners as well as cues, make great decisions, and be calm in many situations. The result is a trusting, happy, well-behaved canine companion. 


Molly's AdobeDogs will help you enjoy training your great community dog!

Don't let your crazy hectic holidays leave

your dog feeling left out!

Please check out the Class Calendar to see

info for classes starting in December!


Our Tree is Going to the Dogs!

Please email me a picture of your dog doing something learned in class or just looking adorable to help decorate the AdobeDogs Holiday Tree located in front of the American Legion Hall on First Street. Happy Holidays! (Your picture will also be included in a seasonal slide show on this page.)

(send to

Do you have concerns about the "mystery dog disease"?

Check out the interview with a veterinarian from UCDavis  (video and article) at this site:

Of course, as always, your vet should be your ultimate resource. 

If you have a new puppy now or plan to bring one home soon  please  contact to find out about classes or private lessons. Prepare your home (and your life!) by contacting me before you bring your pup home. Please include your pup's breed, when your pup is coming home, and your pup's birth date when you contact me.


Small Dog/Puppy Playgroup

Currently, there are no puppy playgroups!

I do offer CLASSES for puppies on Thursdays and/or Saturdays that include puppy playtime.

Please see the calendar for starting dates. 

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