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How old should my puppy to be to start classes? 

Your puppy should be between 10 and 16 weeks old. We also require that your puppy is in your home for 10 days before starting class. For puppies of this age, we recommend Puppy Preschool. Puppy Preschool helps both you and your puppy start off on the right foot.  

Can my puppy start class before he finishes his puppy vaccinations?

Yes! Your puppy will be in an indoor classroom, and early socialization is very important for puppies! As long as your puppy has had one round of vaccinations, she can join class. Please check out these links if you are concerned about socializing your puppy before 16 weeks. 

AVSAB Position Statement On Puppy Socialization

The Animal Behaviorists Is In--Puppies, Classes, & Vaccines...Oh My!

Is Puppy Socialization Important? Yes!

My puppy will only be 8 or 9 weeks old when class starts, should I wait until the next class? 

If your puppy is too young or you haven't had him 10 days when class starts, I recommend that you sign up for the class anyway. I will send you puppy handouts to help you get started. You can attend the first class or two without your puppy, and then your puppy can attend when she's ready--this way you won't miss out on valuable and time-sensitive training information. 

I can't make it to all of the classes, should I wait until the next class?

Again, it is so important for you to start out training your puppy correctly. The information in Puppy Preschool is tailored to young puppies--you don't want to miss how to deal with a puppy milestone by waiting to take this class. Please email Molly at with the dates you will miss, and I will contact you about how we can handle this. 

My puppy will be 15 weeks old when class starts, is this still the right class?

It depends..... If you haven't had a dog before, or you are having trouble with biting, crate training or house training puppy, then preschool will be beneficial. If your puppy is very small or timid, puppy preschool is probably the right class. If you are an experienced dog owner and just want to socialize your puppy Manners & Minding 1 might be a better class for you and your dog. Check with Molly if you aren't sure. 


Can my children or other family members come to class?

Yes! We encourage you to bring a friend or family members--the more the merrier. Puppies should meet lots of people of all ages! However, during Covid-19 outbreaks, we may have to limit the number of attendees in class. 

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