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These pages include descriptions of most of the classes offered by AdobeDogs (and links to some helpful information).

 Check the Class List or Class Calendar links below to see if the class is being offered currently.

If it isn't, and you'd like to see it on the schedule, please email me at

For all classes, please make sure your dog is current on vaccinations; dogs must have been in your home for at least 10 days.

Although I don't require the vaccination, please talk to your vet about the Canine Flu.

Our indoor classes safely prepare your dog for outdoor fun!  


Puppy PreSchool (10 to 16 weeks)

Cute puppy at Adobedogs

This class is like a support group for new puppy owners; whether it's been years since your last puppy or have never had a dog before, this is the class to start with. You will learn about puppy socializing, socializing with people, house training, teething, biting, rough play, crate training, and lots more! Pups will play with each other, learn how to behave with strangers, and there will be lots of information for you. Children are encouraged to come with their families as well. Many puppies' socialization "window" closes at 12 weeks so "time is of the essence!" If you've been advised to keep your pup home until "he's had all of his shots" PLEASE see the information below;  It's imperative that you DO NOT wait for 16 weeks!! 

Video on Puppy Socialization (Courtesy of ThatDogGeek)

AVSAB Position Statement On Puppy Socialization 

Welfare Implications of the Socialization of Puppies.... by the AVMA (longer and more technical) 

Manners & Minding 1 (4 to 8 months)

This class helps with the huge changes occurring in the development of puppies in the 4-8 months age range. These pups start to ask questions, (sometimes thought of as "being stubborn"), to do things they "know they shouldn't", and to just plain shrug you off. Understanding these actions is an important tool in getting your pup back into a working frame of mind in a peaceful but meaningful way. Your pup may start to exhibit sudden fears of common things and may (probably will) run off even if she has ALWAYS stayed right with you. "Counter surfing", chewing madly, and being cranky are common issues. Adobedogs will help you to get through this time and help your pup turn into a wonderful dog. We also continue to work on basic skills such as loose leash walking; increasing the attention span; The Basics (Sit, Down, Stay, Come); people manners; and polite greetings. There will still be supervised play with other pups. (Below is a link explaining fear periods in dogs this age.)


Understanding Fear Periods in Dogs 

Dog not counter surfing!

Basic Manners for Community Dogs

Community dog in Los Altos

Is your dog 6 months or older and missed Puppy Preschool? Or, maybe did go, but needs a refresher class now? Maybe you have just adopted an older puppy or dog and don't know where to start. This class has a very real-life focus with lots of LOOSE LEASH walking (no pulling, YAY!), polite greetings (no jumping up), patience while waiting, manners while walking around others and dealing with counter surfing. This class is ALL about being a great member of our community; you and your dog will have a lot of fun and learn a lot, too! Only FRIENDLY dogs. NO growling at people or dogs.

Small Dog/Puppy Play Group


Play group for dogs and puppies under 20 lbs (some larger dogs may be allowed with prior approval of play style/skills). Nuthin' but PLAY and hanging out with people. Only FRIENDLY dogs/puppies. Great opportunity for you and your dog to socialize in a clean place with a supervised group and pick my brain a little. This group is appropriate for timid to confident players. Some pups may be "over the top" players, and I will work to help them moderate; but if it's a bad fit, the pup will be excused.


This is not a place to "socialize" growly dogs, and dogs displaying aggressive behavior will be dismissed with no refund. If you have doubts about your dog's behavior please contact me via email or phone.



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