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Special Event

Patriotic Dachshund dog walking on stree

OPEN HOUSE -- Plan for the Parade! Play! Explore!!!!



Saturday, May 11, 11:00 am to 1:00 pm

The American Legion Hall, 347 First Street (across from Draegers)

Planning on participating in summer parades or events? Drop by during this AdobeDogs Open House and talk to Molly, Marina, or Julie for tips to make these events safer and more enjoyable for your dog. We'll show you how to make a harness from your leash; we'll answer questions on doggy body language so you know if your dog is having fun.


Or just drop by and grab a little snack and say hi and let your dog play with toys and explore. We'll have a couple of stations set up where you can see what Rally is like. We always talk about enrichment in class, and we'll have some interactive toys available for your pup to try out. Learn how to teach your dog a trick! If you've only taken a Saturday or an evening class, come meet the other trainers.  Find out how we can help you have more fun with your dog. 

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