Family dogs, in our community, have a lot of requirements -- to be good in the house,  play nicely with kids, play well with dogs, not bark too much, walk nicely on a leash--just to name a few! Most of these qualities are really learned skills. 


AdobeDogs teaches you to use positive training to help your dog learn basic manners as well as cues, to make great decisions, and to be calm in many situations. The result is a trusting, happy, well-behaved canine companion. 


Molly's AdobeDogs will help you enjoy training your great community dog!

Woody in the Woods
Woody in the Woods

Making New Friends
Making New Friends

Shadow at the History Museum
Shadow at the History Museum

Woody in the Woods
Woody in the Woods

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Classes are back! Although in a limited way.


After much consideration, I have decided to hold classes inside at the American Legion Hall again.  Advantages include a less distracting setting for younger dogs and a chance for some play; unfortunately, classes will be limited to 6 dogs and only 1 handler per dog. 

Masks and social distancing are, of course, required. We will also work outside as much as possible in the classes for dogs over 4 months.

I have a new puppy class starting on 6/5.

Small dog/puppy playgroups returning soon. 

Manners & Minding 1 & Special Classes are on Tues & Wed evenings. 

Please check out the Class Calendar

to see the current schedule. 

If you have a new puppy now or one on the way,  please check out articles from Julie Bond's blog that are listed below.

Help from Julie Bond

Julie may not be holding Saturday classes or seminars in Los Altos, but she's still here to help! Check out the articles below. 

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Foundation Classes

These 3 classes are the basics for a great community dog, and we start new sessions every few weeks.

Check the List of Current Classes for class and registration information. 


PUPPY PRESCHOOL-Start off right-- start this class as soon as your pup is 10 weeks old and has been in your home for at least 10 days. Part support group/part training class. If you have a new puppy and don't see a class starting within 10 days, please email me at


MANNERS & MINDING 1--Your pup is still a work in progress.  This class is for "teenagers" who are 4 to 8 months old. 

BASIC MANNERS FOR COMMUNITY DOGS--For dogs 6 months or older who haven't had any basic training or may need a refresher course. Great class for rescue dogs.

Newest Classes with Marina & Molly

Puppy Preschool, Saturday, 3/6, 10:10 am (Meets every Saturday for 6 weeks) COMPLETE INFO

Puppy Preschool, Saturday, 3/6, 11:00 am (Meets every Saturday for 6 weeks) COMPLETE INFO

Manners & Minding 1 (4 to 8 months), Saturday, 3/6; 12:30 pm (Meets every Saturday for 6 weeks) COMPLETE INFO

Manners & Minding 1, (4 to 8 months), Wednesday, 3/10; 5:30 pm (Meets every Wednesday for 6 weeks) COMPLETE INFO

Manners 1.25 (8 months or younger), Wednesday, 3/10, 6:20 pm (Meets every Wednesday for 6 weeks) COMPLETE INFO

Basic Manners for Community Dogs, Tuesday, 3/9, 5:05 pm  COMPLETE INFO

Searching for Fun, Tuesday, 3/9, 5:55 pm  COMPLETE INFO

Searching for Fun, Tuesday, 3/9, 7:05 pm  COMPLETE INFO



If you would like to be added to the mailing list

to receive updates on current classes, please email me

at & put "Mailing List" in the subject line. 

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Everyone has been asking for puppy playgroups, and I'm pleased to be bringing them back--although the group will be smaller.


Indoor playgroup for dogs and puppies under 20 lbs. Nuthin' but PLAY and hanging out with people. Only FRIENDLY dogs/puppies. Great opportunity for you and your dog to socialize in a clean place with a supervised group. This group is appropriate for timid to confident players. The play session is 30 minutes long and $15.00

Puppies must be at least 10 weeks old and have been in your home for 10 days. Please bring proof of vaccinations to your first playgroup. The Bordetella and canine flu vaccinations are strongly recommended.

Playgroups now offered on Wednesday around noon and Saturday morning.

  Due to the limited size, registration is now required.  Please use the link to the calendar, double click on the class, and you be taken to the Sign In page. 

Small Dog/Puppy Playgroup
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